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Top 10 Tips for your Wedding Day

From attending countless weddings Andy has compiled a list of a few helpful tips that might just make things a bit less stressful on the day.

  • When setting the ceremony time consider the time of year and available light.
  • Always take extra hair pins and spray with you (helps with the locational shoot).
  • Take heel stops so as not to sink into the ground.
  • Your choice of dress may inhibit a locational shoot and movement throughout the day (be comfy).
  • Grooms need to carry a handkerchief (you will get 100% street cred if you need to wipe a tear for the bride).
  • Take a warm shoulder wrap just in case.
  • Try on your dress a week before.
  • If your dress has laces, make sure you adjust them again before leaving for ceremony (they always become loose).
  • Make sure the groom and his groomsmen all have matching socks!
  • The most stressful time is waiting to walk down the isle. (Take a deep breath, you are looking fantastic, the day from this point will fly by :-)